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St Lawrence Minor Basilica


The St. Lawrence Minor Basilica, located in Attur, Karnataka, India, is a beautiful and historically significant church. This basilica is dedicated to St. Lawrence, one of the most venerated martyrs in the Christian faith.

The basilica is known for its stunning architecture, which is a blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles. The interior of the basilica features intricately carved pillars, arches, and ceilings. The stained glass windows, which depict scenes from the life of St. Lawrence, are also a sight to behold. The basilica also houses a life-size statue of St. Lawrence, which is beautifully crafted.

The history of the St. Lawrence Minor Basilica dates back to the 16th century, when the Portuguese arrived in India. They built the church in the year 1759, and it was later declared a minor basilica by Pope John Paul II in 2000. The basilica is an important pilgrimage site, and thousands of people visit it every year to offer their prayers and seek blessings. Another interesting location to explore Chaturmukha Basadi

One of the main attractions of the basilica is the annual feast of St. Lawrence, which takes place on August 10th. This feast is celebrated with great pomp and show, and people from all over the world come to attend it. The feast includes a procession, special masses, and a grand firework display. Read more about St Lawrence Minor Basilica

The St. Lawrence Minor Basilica is not just a place of worship, but also a significant historical landmark. It is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India, and a symbol of the enduring faith of the people. If you ever find yourself in Attur, be sure to visit this magnificent basilica and experience its beauty and serenity firsthand.




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