Places to Visit in Udupi – Uppinakudru Island


Salt and fish were once traded at the Uppinakudru Island location. There are many well-known temples there, including the renowned Lord Gopala Krishna Temple. One of the oldest temples on this property is the Lord Vasudeva Temple. The local god is honoured in the temple. Lord Ganesha is the primary deity of the Siddi Vinayaka Temple, another temple in Uppinakudru. The idols of Indian Gods and Goddesses were highly priced when India was under British rule. The idols were stolen and placed inside bundles of tobacco by locals. A Lord Ganapathi idol dropped from a bundle during one of these incidents, and the spot where it landed is now the Siddi Vinayaka Temple. Along with the Gopinath Mutt, Ishwar Mutt, Devi Mutt, and Ganapathi Mutt, the Lord Lakshminarayana Mutt is also located in the village of Uppinakudru.

In India’s Karnataka state, 6 kilometres to the north of Kundapura, is Uppinakudru. It is a small island community that was formerly well-known for its trade in fish and salt. All lovers of the outdoors should visit this location.

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