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Hadin Eco Beach

  Hadin Eco Beach : Hadin Eco Beach is a hidden gem known for its tranquil ambiance and natural charm. Surrounded by lush greenery and bordered by the Arabian Sea, the Hadin Eco Beach provides a perfect setting for relaxation … Read More

Sita River

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Udupi, Karnataka, lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered – the picturesque River. Known for its tranquil waters and lush green surroundings, the Sita River offers a rejuvenating retreat for nature enthusiasts and … Read More

Ugranarasimha Temple

Ugranarasimha Temple: A Spiritual Marvel History and Significance The Ugranarasimha Temple, also known as Narasimha Swamy Temple, is a revered site dating back centuries. It is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, the fierce lion-man incarnation of Lord Vishnu, known for his … Read More

Boating Adventures

Kundapura, nestled in the picturesque coastal region of Karnataka, offers an array of thrilling boating experiences. Saligrama and Kodi Boating Centre are the premier destinations for water enthusiasts looking to explore the serene backwaters and pristine coastlines. Whether you’re seeking … Read More

Scuba Diving

Introduction Nestled in the coastal paradise of Karnataka, Kodi Beach in Kundapura is an unmissable destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Renowned for its serene beauty and vibrant marine life, Kodi Beach offers an unparalleled scuba diving experience. Whether … Read More

Kodi Beach