Mookambika Temple Guest house

Mookambika Temple Guest house Details

Mookambika Temple Guest house –  To cater to the comfort and convenience of the devotees who come to visit the Mookambika Temple, the Temple Authorities have thoughtfully established lodging facilities. Mookambika Temple Guest house accommodations have been designed to suit various preferences and budget considerations. Among the options available, there are Super Deluxe Lodges, which offer a premium and luxurious stay experience. For those seeking a more refined atmosphere, Air Conditioned Lodges are also on offer, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment during the stay.

Additionally, the Temple Authorities have taken into account the needs of those who might prefer a simpler and more budget-friendly stay. As such, they have set up Non-Air Conditioned Lodges, which provide a comfortable resting place without the added cooling feature. For those who prioritize cost-effectiveness and communal living, there are ordinary dormitory halls available as well in Mookambika Temple Guest house.

What makes these Mookambika Temple Guest house truly remarkable is that the Temple Authorities have ensured that the rental charges for these lodges and halls are kept at a nominal and affordable rate. This gesture reflects their dedication to providing a hospitable and welcoming environment for all the devotees who come to seek solace and spiritual fulfillment at the Temple. Whether one seeks luxury or practicality, Mookambika Temple Guest house arrangements aim to cater to diverse needs, making the Temple experience even more enriching and enjoyable for every visitor.

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Sl No. Name of the Guest House Details of the Lodges No of Rooms Rent per Day Number of Occupants allowed
1 Lalithamba Guest House Air-Conditioned ( Double bed) Deluxe Rooms 28 600 4
2 Lalithamba Guest House 2. -“- Air-Conditioned ( Double bed) Non-Deluxe 26 500 4 26 500 4
3 Lalithamba Guest House Deluxe Rooms ( Double Bed) 29 300 4
4 Lalithamba Guest House Non-Deluxe Rooms 42 200 4
5 Lalithamba Guest House Hall – Big ( General Bath & Toilet) 7 300 30
6 Lalithamba Guest House Non-Deluxe Rooms – 3 Bed 8 300 6
7 Sowparnika Guest House Non-Deluxe Rooms – 3 Bed 26 300 4
8 Matha Chatra Guest House Non-Deluxe Rooms – 3 Bed 31 200 4
9 Jagadmbika Guest House Non-Deluxe Rooms – 3 Bed 8 250 2
10 Jagadmbika Guest House Deluxe Rooms ( Double Bed) 42 500 4
11 Dormitory Hall Big 64 200 65

NOTE : We dont represent MOokambika Temple Guest House. This above information is only to help travelers who are trying to find information and we are not responsible for non availability of rooms at the guest house


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