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Arishina Gundi Falls

A magnificent waterfall is tucked away in the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary’s impenetrable woods. This captivating cascade, known as Arishina Gundi Falls, originates in the Kodachadri Hills.

The Western Ghats town of Kollur, located at the foot of the Kodachadri peak, is a popular pilgrimage site famed for the potent deity of Mookambika associated with mythological tales.

Kollur is a crucial stop on the pilgrimage route along the western coast, and it is frequently frequented by both famous people and regular people hoping to catch a glimpse of the goddess. For those who enjoy exploring new places, Kollur makes a great starting point for a mountain hike. However, there are other amazing waterfalls close to Kollur that are frequently missed by tourists aside from adventurous hikers.

Reaching the waterfalls is not easy, though. As they say, beauty is revealed to those who dare. The falls is a good five kms inside the sanctuary and the path with frequent steep gradients is a bit strenuous. The only way to reach it is by foot. That is not all. Being in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary makes it obligatory on the part of visitors to obtain proper permission from the forest department. Though some of the trekkers descending from the peak take a deviation to the falls it is not advised as there have been some cases of disciplinary action being taken for unauthorized entry. The officials at Kollur can permit a visit and the falls can be visited with the help of a guide. The forest check post and gate are just one kilometer from Kollur on Shimoga road from where the road leads to the Arishina Gundi falls.

Arishina Gundi Falls is a treat to the eyes. The plunge pool made by Arishina Gundi Falls is quite deep. The depth goes upto 30 feet in the centre. You cannot get into the falls if you visit just after monsoon as the water force is too much. During monsoons, it is advisable to avoid this trek mainly because of the last kilometer after the ‘Way to Arishina Gundi Falls’ signboard, which will become extremely slippery and leech infested. It is advisable to visit during the mid summer (From Dec to Feb) when water is calm. Reaching the flowing water is again a challenge for the non-swimmers. The waters of Arishina Gundi which flow through dense forests are said to have medicinal properties.

Another smaller but attractive waterfall in the vicinity is the Hidlumane falls, another 20 kilometers towards Shimoga. The starting point is Nittur, where many trekking guides offer to show the place. The walking distance from Nittur to the falls is about 8 kilometers. One can take a jeep also if necessary. Though the mud road is wide, it frequently forks, necessitating the help of a guide. The waterfall itself drops in seven stages. The best part of the waterfalls is about midway where the water drops in thin strings blending with the stems of the jungle around. The place is cool with a lot of shade and serves as a wonderful picnic spot.

Arsina Gundi Falls or popularly known as Arasina Makki Falls lies in the district of Kollur, Karnataka which shares a distance of sixty-seven kilometers from Murudeshwar and about twenty minutes from Kollur. The falls are succumbing and share the surrounding with the well known forest of Kodachadri hills. Another interesting location to explore Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur

The place coincides with vast trekking spots and encompasses ious trekking routes. The falls is located deep inside the famous sanctuary known as Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is composed with serenity and tranquility and avoids the unwanted crowds. To visit the place one must take permission from the local forest department authorities to explore such a mystic area. Winter season is recommended as the best time to visit the scenario. Read more about Arishina Gundi Falls 

How To Reach Arishina Gundi Falls

Kollur is around 405 kms from Bangalore by road and can be reached via Shimoga and Hosanagara. From Mangalore it is about 80 kms. To visit Hidlumane Falls, get down at Nittur. To get to Arishina Gundi, hire an auto from Kollur and ensure you obtain the forest official permission.



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