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Achakanya Falls

One of Karnataka’s lesser-known natural wonders is Achakanya waterfall. In the Shimoga district of Karnataka, the waterfall is close to the village of Aralasurali, which is located around 10 km from Thirthahalli.

The River Sharavathi creates the waterfall when it makes a spectacular leap through the thick Western Ghats woods. The breathtaking fall is between 6 and 7 feet tall.

Shimoga’s Achakanya Falls are stunning.
It’s lovely to view the petite but spectacular Achakanya Falls. The waterfall becomes an amazing sight to see during the monsoon season when the water gushes down with full force. The stream of white water, which is surrounded by foliage on all sides, provides tourists with a pleasing view.

Due to its location within the Western Ghats’ deep forest range, the waterfall is obscured from view. Anyone who wants to see the waterfall will have to make the walk there and take in the pristine beauty of nature.

Trekking to the Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

For hikers, the Achakanya waterfall is a fantastic location. The trekkers must work hard to find the waterfall because it is hidden in the middle of a jungle. To get to the waterfall, there are no clearly indicated paths or roads. To find the location, one must either navigate a path through a forest or ask for local assistance. Read more about https://www.karnataka.com/shimoga/achakanya-falls/

On the way there, there are no signs indicating the waterfall in any way. Consequently, it can be challenging to locate the waterfall.

However, the wonderful view of the waterfall and the surrounding areas are worth the effort of trekking to the site. In fact, trekking to the waterfall can be an experience in itself as the trek route proceeds through the forest and provides an opportunity to observe the varied flora of the region from close range.

Some varieties of birds can also be spotted while trekking through the greenery.

Best time to visit the Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

The best time to visit the Achakanya Falls is during the rainy season, when the waterfall can be seen in its full glory. So, it is better to plan a trip to the waterfall during the months of July to October.

How to reach Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

To reach the Achakanya Falls one has to go to Shimoga first. There are several means of transport to reach Shimoga from various parts of Karnataka.


By Air

The nearest airport to reach the village of Aralasurali or the waterfall is the Mangalore International Airport.

By Rail

The village Aralasurali is not connected by railways. The nearest railway station is located in the town of Shimoga that stands at a distance of 60 km from the village. The Mangalore Rail Way Station is a major railway station that is situated at a distance of 124 km from Aralasurali.

By Road

There are no direct buses that operate between Bangalore and Aralasurali. But Bangalore has frequent buses for Shimoga. There are buses that connect Aralasurali village to several towns and villages such as Tirthahalli, Sringeri, Shimoga, etc.


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