Places to Visit in Udupi – Belkal Theertha Falls


Mookambika Wild sanctuary has lot to offer and one such bliss is the Belkal Theertha; situated in the deep forests of Western Ghats, 50 kms away from Kundapura. The waterfall is also known as Govinda Theertha, which falls from a height of 300 feet from Korshi Betta; an extension of Kodachadri. The place has immense prominence in the Hindu religion as the water of the falls is believed to be sacred and people from various parts of the country come to take a holy dip in the water to wash away their sins and to get rid of their diseases. Kodachadri is the sacred place of Saraswathi the goddess of knowledge and since the water falls from the extension of Kodachadri the holiness of the water is considered equally important for the believers.

Apart from the religious beliefs related to it, the Belkal Theertha is also a famous spot for different wildlife sports. Amidst the green dense forests, the pure and pristine environment the falls plummets through the rocks and wades in a rhythmical fashion. The place is apt for trekkers and adventure frenzy group people. The aesthetically formed rocks and waterfalls have an inquisitive ability to question even a highest skilled acrobat’s tactics.

You can enjoy the trek through the forests for some kilometers and then the refreshing view of the fresh thick falls simply takes away all your exhaustion. The purity of the water is unquestionable and it healing properties are in fact very popular among the tourists. The scene of water flowing down through and slicing through the mountains edgy rocks is a fantastic view in itself. The greenery and pristine surroundings will simply captivate your senses.

Belkal Theertha Waterfall


Best Time to Visit

Except for months from February to May, the Theertha falls can be visited for rest of the months. From the month of February to May the water of the falls completely dries out. This is a place where everyone can visit and feel great peace. Conveniently located in the protected Mookambika Wildlife sanctuary region, the place is free of pollution and other disturbances. However the visitors are also expected to keep the serenity of the place as it is. People can enjoy with family and friends. There are many options of sports to be played but the place is not crowded with tourists. However the supplies are available and the visitors are requested to keep the supplies for the trekking. The nearest town to the falls is Kollur. The forest is blessed with some rare variety of birds and other wild life.

Where is Belkal Theertha? How to reach
Belkal Theertha is 50 kms from Kundapura, 25 kms from Kollur and 80 kms from Udupi. You can plan a stay in these cities and drive towards the falls. Jungle Lodges Ane Jhari butterlfy nature camp is nearest decent accommodation.
Turn right at Jadkal (while coming from Udupi/Kundapura) and follow the map till you reach a split road where concrete road ends and mud road begins. Map is not accurate from here. Take the right most one and proceed for 3-4 more kms. As you begin your off road drive you should be seeing a river on your right. Road may not be very suitable for your car or you may not be confident driving through- if not feeling comfortable find a spot to park and walk further. Follow “Belkal Theertha Parking lot” on Google maps.
You will be guided by Kannada board “way to Belkal Theertha” at many spots.  Eventually you will find a narrow bridge and a temple. Proceed further till you reach the signage shown earlier in this post (Second image). Park here and walk further. After you cross the police checkpost, you will be able to figure out the walking trail- just follow the popular path, do not wander around and eventually you will reach the falls.
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