Places to Visit in Udupi – Kudumari Falls

Kudumari Falls is in Chaktikal village in Kundapura Taluk of Udupi district in Karnataka.  The waterfall is also called Belligunndi and Chaktikal waterfall. The fall is one of the major attraction in Kundapura. The town of Kundapura is surrounded by mountain ranges giving it a picturesque grandeur. Kundapura is an ideal spot for adventure lovers to indulge in trekking, mountaineering etc.  The serene backwaters is also an ideal spot for boating.

Kudumari Falls, Udupi

The Kudumari Waterfalls are located deep in the forests bordering western Ghats. Hence to reach the waterfall one need to take a 3km long trek through the forests.  Amidst the gigantic western Ghats and the breathtaking view of the luscious greenery, the waterfalls stand amazingly. The splendid coastline of the Arabian

The splendid coastline of the Arabian Sea is also evident from the waterfall. The beauty of the place is quite inviting to all adventure seekers. The waterfall is around a height of 300 meters. It falls between the lush greenery. The waterfall looks elegant from the distance among the greenery. The beauty truly beckons the tourists and adventure lovers.

Kudumari Falls- Adventures Delight 

As the waterfall is situated deep inside the forest, one needs to take a walk into the forest to witness the beauty. The spellbound beauty of the dense forest can be perceived as one moves along the path through the luscious greenery. The thick forests is an easy way to the waterfall.

The waterfall can also be reached on an alternate route. The base of the waterfall is accessible by trekking along the stream. The route is approachable from the coastline. The route is safe during the post monsoon season. During monsoon season, the water level is quite high and hence the route is less traversed.

The trekking through the dense forest is truly enthralling. The walk around 4km distance through the dense forests of western Ghats keeps you enticed all along. The trekking covers all kind of rocky terrain. It would an adventurous and thrilling experience for any avid trekkers. The walk through the rocks and boulders towards the cascading waterfall is quite dangerous, yet magnificent. The waterfall looks like strips of silver amidst the bright green envelope of luscious green trees.

Kudumari Falls

Best time to visit Kudumari Falls

Monsoon is not the right time to visit, as the water level would be higher, causing difficulty for trekkers to trek to the waterfall. The time from November to January is the best time to visit.

The trekking takes almost two hours trek one way.

Timing:  Mon- Sunday morning 8:00 to 5:00 pm

How to Reach Kudumari Falls

By Air

Mangalore Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 173 km. Tourists can reach Kudumari waterfalls by hiring a taxi or even take up buses that ply to Udupi.

By Train

Kundapura is the nearest railway station to reach Kudumari waterfalls. From Kundapura tourists can hire a taxi, or a bus to reach Chaktikal village.

By Road

Udupi is quite accessible by road from major cities like Bangalore and Mangalore etc.  From Udupi to Chaktikal village one can take up any means like a bus or rent a taxi which is just 93 km. Chaktikal to Kudumari waterfall is a two-hour long trek.

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