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Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Kemmannu Hanging Bridge, also known as the Kemmannu Hanging Rope Bridge, is a popular tourist attraction located in the Udupi district of Karnataka, India. The bridge is built over the Swarna River, a major river that flows through the district, and is considered to be one of the most iconic and picturesque bridges in the region.

The Kemmannu Hanging Bridge is made of wood and rope, and spans a length of around 100 feet. The bridge is suspended around 50 feet above the water level, providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The bridge is also designed to sway slightly in the wind, adding to its unique charm and appeal.

The construction of the Kemmannu Hanging Bridge was initiated by a local entrepreneur named Mr. Jayaprakash Hegde. The project was undertaken with the aim of providing better connectivity between the two sides of the river, which were previously connected only by a ferry. The bridge was completed in 2007, and has since become a major tourist attraction in the area.

Visitors to the Kemmannu Hanging Bridge can enjoy a scenic walk across the bridge, taking in the stunning views of the river and the surrounding landscape. The bridge is also a popular spot for photography, and visitors can capture some incredible pictures of the bridge and the surrounding scenery. Another interesting location to explore Maravanthe Beach

The Kemmannu Hanging Bridge is also surrounded by lush green forests and scenic backwaters, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers. Visitors can explore the area on foot, or even take a boat ride along the river to experience the stunning natural beauty of the region.

In recent years, the Kemmannu Hanging Bridge has also become a popular spot for adventure activities like bungee jumping and ziplining. These activities offer a thrilling experience for visitors, and allow them to get a unique perspective on the bridge and the surrounding landscape. Read more about Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Overall, the Kemmannu Hanging Bridge is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the Udupi district of Karnataka. With its unique design, stunning location, and range of activities on offer, the bridge offers something for everyone, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who visit.


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