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Sri Krishna Matha Temple

Sri Krishna Matha Temple, also known as the Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, is a famous Hindu temple located in the town of Udupi in Karnataka, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in India. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the history and significance of Sri Krishna Matha Temple.

The history of Sri Krishna Matha Temple dates back to the 13th century when the great saint and philosopher Madhvacharya established the temple. Madhvacharya was a follower of the Dvaita school of Vedanta, and he believed that Lord Krishna was the supreme deity. He wanted to establish a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, and Udupi was the perfect location for it.

The Sri Krishna Matha temple was originally a simple structure made of wood and thatch, but it was later rebuilt and expanded by the rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple underwent further renovations and additions during the reign of the Wodeyar dynasty in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Sri Krishna Matha Temple is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, especially those who follow the Dvaita school of Vedanta. The temple is known for its unique traditions and rituals, which have been followed for centuries.

One of the most significant traditions of the temple is the worship of Lord Krishna through the Kanakana Kindi, a small window through which devotees can catch a glimpse of the Lord. The window is said to have been used by the young Kanakadasa, a devotee of Lord Krishna who was born into a lower caste, to see the Lord when he was not allowed inside the temple. The window is still in use today, and devotees believe that seeing the Lord through it brings blessings and good fortune.

Another unique aspect of the temple is the daily Paryaya festival, which takes place every two years. During this festival, the temple administration is handed over to a different Matha (monastery) for a period of two years. The festival is a symbol of unity among different Mathas and serves as a reminder of the importance of working together for a common cause. Another Interesting location to explore Chandramouleshwara Temple

Apart from its religious significance, Sri Krishna Matha Temple is also a center of cultural and social activities. The temple has a long tradition of patronizing the arts, including music, dance, and literature. The temple also runs several charitable institutions, including a hospital, a school, and an orphanage. Read more about Sri Krishna Matha Temple

Sri Krishna Matha Temple is a symbol of devotion, tradition, and community. It is a place where people come to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna and to connect with their spiritual roots. The temple’s unique rituals and traditions have been preserved for centuries, and they continue to inspire and uplift people from all walks of life. If you ever get a chance to visit Udupi, make sure to visit Sri Krishna Matha Temple and experience its beauty and significance for yourself.


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